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Handbook EL-921, Supervisors Guide to Handling Grievances, is a Labor Relations initiative to help field supervisors become familiar with the Postal Services grievance procedures. The USPS and the APWU agree that discipline for failure to maintain a satisfactory attendance record or "excessive absenteeism" must be determined on a case-by-case.


If the employees performance is unsatisfactory, the supervisor suggests constructive measures for an employee to follow to improve his or her performance to a satisfactory level.

6 Disciplinary Action Postal officials may take appropriate disciplinary measures to correct violations of the regulations referred to in 665. A letter of warning for a one -minute extension of a break issu ed thirty years after the event would. You have to file the grievance within 14 days of receiving the discipline.


a strategy book defense vs. These criteria are the BASIC consideration that the. If you are past 90 days, management still had to show progression with discipline and give you official discussions, pdi, letter of warning etc.

Transmittal Letter 1. S Postal Service policy is to administer the leave program on an equitable basis for all employees.

Here are the steps to write up an employee for attendance 1.

Transmittal Letter 1.

Require all employees to read and acknowledge the policy. for unsatisfactory attendance was for just cause, in accordance with Article 16 of the Agreement (Jt.

It documents the steps taken to address the. .

Attendance issues are among the most common challenges for federal supervisors.
As is customary in disciplinary grievances, the Agency is charged with an initial demonstration that the Grievant committed an infraction of postal rules or regulations.

Communicate expectations and job requirements to all employees.


16 Office of Personnel Management; 17 USPS; 18 Veterans Affairs; 19. For the employer, the pre. 22 Unexcused Tardiness.

". The material in this booklet is intended to serve. 1 The U. 6 Disciplinary Action Postal officials may take appropriate disciplinary measures to correct violations of the regulations referred to in 665. There are SIX TESTS for Just Cause. Postal Service Attendance Policies and regulations - APWU Iowa.

However, the Arbitrator noted that the issuance of a suspension or discharge still must not only be reviewed and concurred in by the appropriate authority, but it also must be consistent with Article 16.

The above is a serious offense and you are charged accordingly. For the employer, the pre.


Send usps termination letter via email, link, or fax.

They can't skip steps for attendance issues.

Employees failure to report to work as scheduled can have a negative impact on an organizations ability to complete the mission.

Failure to be regular in attendance may result in disciplinary action,.